Precious metal trading that lives up to its promises

Gold and silver have been considered the safest investments for millennia and the crisis currency for turbulent times. The demand for precious metals has noticeably increased, especially in recent years. But not everyone who offers precious metals is a trustworthy partner.

BEDRA is the primary address for investors and resellers when it comes to reliable, professional trading. Our customers can attest to our expert advice and transparent processes. We offer up-to-the-minute metal prices for purchase and sale, free precious metal account management for offsetting against all products and favourable terms for purchasing bars (LBMA-certified), coins and grain. Benefit from our expertise – and from the attractive difference between purchase and selling prices!

We deliver within 24 hours and support our customers in selling metals by offering eye-catching advertising material and POS tools. Our field staff will be happy to provide you more information.